2008 SIAM Annual Meeting

Lenore Cowen (a co-chair of the 2008 SIAM annual meeting) asked if I might write a post here to help publicize that conference, and I’m very happy to do so. The conference will be held in San Diego from July 7-11, and it looks like it will cover a wider spectrum of topics than is usual for SIAM, so you might consider attending even if it’s not on your normal conference circuit.

The themes for the 2008 meeting are computational science & engineering, data mining, dynamical systems, geosciences, imaging science, linear & multi-linear algebra, biological, social, and internet networks, and enabling complex simulations with scientific software. There is also a quite diverse list of invited speakers.

At SIAM’s annual meeting you are encouraged to propose and organize your own mini-symposium. There are also regular contributed talks and posters. Submission deadlines are January 14 for minisymposium proposals, and January 28 for abstracts for contributed and minisymposium speakers. See the conference web-site for more details.


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