The Teaching Company

My wife and I are both big fans of the college courses produced by the Teaching Company. The courses cover a wide variety of subjects, and come in a range of video and/or audio formats.

I personally find that the audio format usually works somewhat better. The lecturers are very good, but watching a professor lecture on TV is inevitably somewhat dull. On the other hand, when I’m driving or riding in a car or train, I find that an audio lecture fills an ideal amount of mental bandwidth. (Every so often, the lecture gets complicated at the same time as the driving, but one can always rewind).

My favorite course so far was Robert Greenberg’s course on How to Listen to and Understand Great Music. Music courses are naturally a great fit for an audio course!

Otherwise, there are unfortunately not that many science and mathematics courses that go beyond the beginning undergraduate level, although I did enjoy Stephen Nowicki’s course on Biology. If you are interested in history or philosophy, or other subjects in the humanities (like my wife, who is a historian) there are many more interesting options.

The Teaching Company has an unusual pricing policy. The courses are very expensive, except when they go on sale, when they cost roughly one quarter the normal price and are very reasonable. All the courses go on sale on a regular rotation, so unless you are in a tremendous hurry, you should definitely wait until the course you are interested in goes on sale. A lot of the courses are available at libraries too, so you can borrow one to see if you like it first.

Here’s another blog post endorsing the Teaching Company, with some reader comments on their favorite courses.


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4 Responses to “The Teaching Company”

  1. VR Says:

    I wonder how you manage to come up with an interesting, very informative post almost everyday! I just hope you don’t run out of topics;)

  2. Jonathan Yedidia Says:

    Thanks! Glad you like it!

  3. museditions Says:

    Oh, I’m glad you mentioned the Teaching Co. I’m a big fan. Have liked several of the music courses, and, as a somewhat geeky interested non-scientist, I found “Einstein & the Quantum Revolution” an excellent introduction to this topic. I did get the videos for this one, as Professor Wolfson (very dydamic) has lots of charts to show us. I agree with you Jonathan, though, that most of the courses work fine on audio. And, I’ve never paid full price! Thanks for posting this.

  4. Doug van Orsow Says:

    Fellow Teaching Company addicts can join my Yahoo groups and phpbb forums:

    Some of my new Yahoo groups:

    Teaching Company forum:

    Robert Hazen’s “Origins of Life” forum

    Doug van Orsow

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