3 Responses to “Simulating the Ising Model Using NetLogo”

  1. Programming in NetLogo « Nerd Wisdom Says:

    […] in NetLogo In my previous post about simulating the Ising model with the Metropolis algorithm in NetLogo, I said that I would […]

  2. Wordpress.com « Nerd Wisdom Says:

    […] will not host Javascript widgets or Java applets. I wanted to put up a Java applet for my post on simulating the Ising model in NetLogo, so I put it on a page hosted by Google Pages instead, and just linked to the […]

  3. Phase Transitions and Free Energies « Nerd Wisdom Says:

    […] simplest model of magnetism is the Ising model. I’ve discussed this model before; to remind you, I’ll repeat the definition: “In this model, there are spins at each […]

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