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More on Leopard

Developing on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard


2008 SIAM Annual Meeting

Using Unambiguous Notation

SICM on Mac OS X

LDPC Decoders and PyCodes

On Blogs and Books

iTunes U

Video Conferencing Using iChat

Enhanced Chess

Rock-Paper-Scissors Without the Luck

Princeton Companion to Mathematics

Computing Free Energies

Phase Transitions and Free Energies

Beginning Go

Gallager’s LDPC error-correcting codes

Multicellular Logic Circuits, Part III: A Model

Magic the Gathering: Lorwyn Prerelease

World Chess Championship 2007

Talking About Probabilistic Robotics

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Cynthia Kenyon’s Long-lived Worms

Multicellular Logic Circuits, Part II: Cells

Mindbusters for Magic the Gathering


Programming in NetLogo

Two Draft Books

Simulating the Ising Model Using NetLogo

Cards & Chess

The Hubbard Model: a Tutorial

New Features at Nerd Wisdom

High-Temperature Superconductivity

Using Illusions to Understand Vision

Viral Video Geniuses

Consistent Quantum Theory

Duke and Pawn Endgames

Music in Computer Games and Windows on Macs

The Life of the Lab Biologist

Richard Feynman

Prediction Markets

Combinatorial Game Theory

On Rationality

Testing in Python using doctest

Computer Chess Software

The Teaching Company

Programming Erlang


“On Intelligence” and Numenta


“German” Games

White & Nerdy

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs: Videos and Textbook

A Simple but Challenging Game: Part II

Algorithms for Physics

Gateway High School, 1981

Lectures on Disordered Systems


A Simple but Challenging Game: Part I

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs is Hiring

Multicellular Logic Circuits, Part I: Evolution

Marvel Trading Card Game / Magic the Gathering

Version Control Using Subversion

Generalized Belief Propagation

“Ageless Quest” by Lenny Guarente

SimPy and Discrete-event Simulation

Zillions of Games

Multicellular Logic Circuits

Fake Steve Jobs

The Elements of Modern Computing Systems: Building a Computer from First Principles

David MacKay’s “Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms

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